One Path to a Happy Retirement

One Path to a Happy Retirement

Looking into the future may be scary but it is crucial if you dream of having your retirement on your own terms.

We have one type of visitors. Mostly. It is the people who are researching a retirement options for their parents. But the hard truth is that in 20 to 35 years, someone will search for a retirement home for you. That’s why a retirement plan is crucial. You have time. You can start investing now and make the decision yourself – where you go and how you spend your retirement.

Old myth debunked

The retirement home, unaffectionate called ‘the old folks home’ doesn’t have to be a bad place. In 30 years a lot will change. Retirement home doesn’t have to be the option you must choose when you can’t take care of your parents. Nowadays, it can be a place where you want to go. Which YOU choose.

Retirement homes do not stop seniors from exploring the world “The Bucket List”-style.

Imagine this: if for 30 years you save $1 each day, you can save $10,000. Pretty easy math. Now, what if you saved $3? What if you invested in a safe bond and got an additional 2% return? The numbers start adding up quickly.

It’s not too late to start saving. It’s not late because you don’t have to change your lifestyle. You can still buy your favorite 15-year old whiskey, play for free on online casino and take vacations. It’s only $1 a day. However, long term even small sum adds up.


What’s stopping you?

The reason why you are not doing that already is because it’s hard. You can start putting way $1 every day but there’s a high chance you will forget, lose interest or spend your savings. That why the only way to make sure you are ready for the future is to automate the process, make it as easy as possible so you would only have to spend on it 15 minutes each month (or year). You must set up a simple system for investment.


Some people tend to think you are wasting your time thinking about the future. You never know what might happen. Yes, exactly.  But begin planning your retirement in your 30s or 40s – you’ll notice your mind will shift. Retirement is worth thinking about.

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