The Low standards of Senior Care in UK

The Low standards of Senior Care in UK

It is incredibly important for our communities to come together and take care of our seniors. Seems like an excerpt from the book of the ‘Common sense’. Unfortunately, it is not and the reality cannot be further from the idea. Whether you take kids, disabled people, veterans or senior citizens the government is not doing enough.

That’s why everyone else should care. Because, it is us. Sooner or later.

Many young, healthy citizens do not think too much about maternity leave, retirement plans or whether a wheelchair can enter a cinema. But sooner or later, he or she will have a child, will have to go to work and pay taxes and, probably, will be old enough to receive benefits as a senior.

But most don’t care. And there has been a study that shows why.


Interestingly, this study showed that when we imagine ourselves in the future, we don’t actually see ourselves but someone completely different. Someone we don’t know. Like a celebrity. That’s why so often we disassociate with our true nature when we plan tasks for the future and, usually, dedicate too little time for too many tasks. Because we didn’t plan the work with our weaknesses in mind. We did not plan work for ourselves, but someone else who doesn’t get distracted by cat videos and can stay focused for 16 hours a day.

I think the same principal applies here. Maybe we would take better care of our seniors if we could imagine ourselves in 20-40 years as seniors. Just think about it. If we consider ourselves as interesting people, seniors who have lived twice as long will certainly have interesting stories to tell.

So, I want to encourage our readers of all ages – get to know your elders. Encourage your kids, sisters and neighbors to get together, provide them with the help they need and simply spend time. Find out how has their life gone, what are the most vivid memories from their youth and do they have any regrets? These may turn out to be the most life-changing conversations of your life.

I have no illusions that all seniors have interesting stories. Some are grumpy old people. But not everyone. Not even the majority. Plus, there are many ways to get to know seniors around you. Just pick that you yourself have fun doing.

1. Biscuits and tea party

A classic. But the easiest way to start a conversation is to invite them for tea and biscuits.


2. Casino games

Most elders love playing the lottery, bingo and other games. You can invite them to your local casino or teach them how to play online. You can find out more on this page.

3. Local football game

Or any other sport, for that matter. We are talking about fans here that have been supporting their local team for 50-60 years. I’d wager they have astounding stories from back in the day.

4. Shopping

It is hard to imagine that in 20 years, your body will get tired and pain will slowly fill you up. Something as simple as groceries will become a tough task. While you can, be helpful to your elders and ask them whether they need help shopping for groceries. It is incredibly important for them and for you too.

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